Dutra Completes Emergency Repair Work on Tyler Island Levee

Dutra Group of San Rafael (CA) has completed emergency repairs to the Tyler Island levee in South Sacramento County.

For the last couple of days, the company was working around the clock to patch the breech and rebuild and strengthen the levee.

The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Service on Monday, February 13, 2017, advised the residents of Tyler Island to evacuate the area because there was an “impending failure of the levee”.

According to the officials, part of the levee gave way on Monday morning, putting in danger Tyler Island residents and their farmland.

The contractors and engineers worked with excavators and Dutra’s Crane Barge 8 to fill in a big gaping hole in the levee. With the use of dirt and rock, crews managed to cover the gap and stop the levee from failing even more.

A full scale investigation to find out the reasons of levee failure is currently underway.