Royal IHC Lays Keel for Adani’s New Dredger

Last week, Royal IHC at its shipyard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, held a keel laying ceremony for the 8,000m³ TSHD SHANTI SAGAR 18.

The keel laying represents the beginning of the construction of the second dredger for Adani Group in India.

Both vessels belong to the standardized IHC Beagle® series, designed and built by IHC using over a century of dredging experience.

The duo will be equipped with IHC’s Trailspeed Controller (TSC) and Eco Pump Controller (EPC). Developed in-house, the TSC ensures a constant speed while dredging, which leads to higher average production results and greater levels of consistency, while the EPC reduces excessive cavitation as well as wear and tear, and fuel consumption.

While standardized, the two IHC Beagle® dredgers will be equipped with a bespoke set of options. Due to the modular design of the series, the vessels can be adapted – either during construction or at a later stage – to suit specific needs.

For example, one of the vessels will work with challenging soils, and so will be equipped with a heavier draghead and additional propulsion power.

Two 8-cylinder Wartsila 32 main engines will be onboard the first vessel, and two 7-cylinder Wartsila 32 main engines on the second one.

New dredgers are scheduled for delivery to the customer by the end of 2017.

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