Damen Delivers Multi-Role Shoalbuster

The Bristol Port Company has taken delivery of a new 23-meter long Damen Shoalbuster 2308S.

Modified with several customized options, the vessel will be able to take on a multifunctional role that includes plough dredging, towing, pilotage and survey duties.

During the handover ceremony on 17 March, the newbuild was officially named Graham Robertson.

Addressing the primary role of plough dredging activities, the vessel has an aft-mounted A-frame. “Being able to plough dredge will also ensure the maximum available depth of water can be maintained within the dock,” said Bristol Port Company Deputy Haven Master, Christopher Jones.

He added that the vessel will also undertake buoy maintenance and installation and repair works. “For this her hydraulic deck crane will prove invaluable.

To further enhance the versatile nature of the Graham Robertson, the contract – first between Damen and the Bristol Port Company – also called for a dismountable pilotage platform to allow for occasional piloting tasks, firefighting equipment and a towing hook.