Torcross Sea Defenses Repaired

The Environment Agency has finished repairing Torcross sea defense after damage caused by the storms of February 2016.

Those storms saw large waves hit the sea defense when beach levels were low, causing cracks to appear along the promenade.

The repaired wall cost £2.4 million and reduces the risk of flooding to 51 properties. It is designed to withstand a severe storm, even when beach levels are low.

Steel sheet piles have been installed directly in front of the existing line of piles with a new reinforced concrete capping beam. These double-length piles give the wall extra stability.

The Environment Agency’s Becky Richards said: “The project team worked hard to complete this repair quickly as possible, and our contractor, BMM JV, has done well to complete the works in time for the Easter holidays.

A complementary project is underway to identify the best beach management options for Torcross. South Hams District Council is creating a Torcoss and Slapton Beach Management Plan on behalf of The Slapton Line Partnership, to which the Environment Agency will contribute.

Alan Denbigh, Chair of the Slapton Line Partnership, said: “Together we hope to identify the best long-term beach management options to reduce the impact of storms at Torcoss. We are planning events in summer 2017 for residents and businesses in and around Torcross to talk about the plan.

Even with this sea defense, parts of Torcross remain at a high risk of flooding from the sea. High risk means that each year this area is at significant risk of flooding during storms due to waves.