RPS Takes Part in CIRIA’s New Research Project

RPS, Abingdon based environmental consultancy company, has just announced that they will take part in the Project Steering Group for CIRIA’s new research project on risk assessment and remediation for contaminated sediments.

“Our role on the Project Steering Group is to advise and guide CIRIA and the research contractor on technical accuracy, the objectiveness and usefulness of the project and its output,” RPS said in its announcement.

The project aims to build on the current guidance and will identify gaps in the existing guidance/reports within the industry. It includes for the development of a more detailed practical guide which will be useful when dealing with marine and non-marine contaminated sediments.

“This project will benefit organisations with information on how to manage sediments (e.g. port authority, canals and rivers trust), developers who are proposing developments in or near water, their professionals advisers and regulators no matter if they are working in fresh water or marine water,” RPS said.

The project intends to address the following issues:

  • Risk assessment including sampling, analysis and interpretation of data for sediments;
  • How does the risk assessment affect the management of the sediments if they are ‘contaminated’?;
  • What are the cost and benefits for the various options?;
  • ‘Can we learn from experience from other countries?’.