Jan De Nul’s Multipurpose Vessel Daniel Bernoulli Launched

Image source: Jan De Nul

Jan De Nul’s new multipurpose vessel Daniel Bernoulli, the sister vessel of the Adhémar de Saint-Venant, was launched in the AVIC Shipyard in China today.

The company said in its announcement that these vessels will be able to perform a variety of functions:

  • different mission equipment is available and can be installed on the vessels;
  • subsea rock installation through an inclined fall pipe or a flexible fall pipe;
  • subsea trenching, installation of cables and umbilicals;
  • installation works by means of a heave compensated crane, etc.

Both vessels will also be provided with Dynamic Positioning (DP2), a fully diesel-electric machinery arrangement, a comfortable accommodation for 60 persons and a SPS notation.

In the Subsea Rock Installation mode, the vessels can install about 5,100 ton of rock in a single load by means of the excavator, conveyor belt and the fall pipe for accurate rock installation at up to 600 m water depth.

Alternatively the rock can be handled through an inclined fall pipe, for secure installation against offshore structures such as jacket platforms, gravity bases or monopile foundations.