Skanska Norge Wins The Cleaner Sandefjord Fjord Project

Image source: Skanska Norge

Skanska Norge AS has won a $15 million contract for ‘The Cleaner Sandefjord Fjord Project’ in Norway, which includes a significant amount of dredging operations and disposal of dredged material onto the polluted seabed.

The main objective of the contract is to reduce the negative impacts from environmental poisons in the Sandefjord Fjord seabed.

In order to achieve this, the seabed of the Sandefjord Fjord needs to be covered with clean masses in a 1.05 km² area, from the inner harbor to the Trangsholmene.

Under the contract, the dredged material will be disposed at a designated location in the fjord or delivered to other approved disposal sites.

It is anticipated that ‘The Cleaner Sandefjord Fjord Project’ will be¬†concluded by 30 November 2017.

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