Hanhikivi Dredging Resumes After Winter Break

Dredging and water construction work on the coast of Hanhikivi headland continues after the winter break, reports Finish company Fennovoima.

The work, contracted by Titan-2, which is the main contractor of the plant supplier RAOS Project, is being carried out by Terramare Oy.

According to the report, Terramare continues the dredging and water construction work of the harbor, cooling water intake channel and the standby cooling water intake channel.

Terramare will remove approximately 690.000m³ of dredged material from the seabed and perform underwater blasting of approximately 200.000m³ of rock. Dredged material will be transported to the marine spoil area about 10 kilometers west of the Hanhikivi headland.

Fennovoima also added that dredging work will be done 24/7 during the open water period. Giving consideration to the fish spawning season, blasting work can be conducted during the period from May 20th to October 10th.