JF Engineering Gearing Up for Los Angeles River Scheme

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ contractor JF Engineering will be mobilizing to start repair work of the damaged levee structures within Reach 4D of the Los Angeles River Flood Control Channel today.

The work will take place inside of the LA River approximately 300 feet North of Los Feliz Blvd.

“The bike path on the West bank of the river will remain open and if construction access is needed at that location, it will be limited and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the bicyclists and pedestrians are maintained,” USACE said in its release.

“Approximately 1,700 feet of the levee crest on the East bank (corresponding northern and southern street limits are Rigali Ave and Los Feliz Blvd respectively) of the river adjacent to the Los Feliz golf course, will be closed during construction.”

The repairs are necessary to restore the structural integrity of the levees to ensure they function as designed in a storm event.

Image source: USACE