USACE St. Louis District Welcomes New Commanding Officer

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, welcomed a new commanding officer during a Change of Command ceremony last week at the St. Louis City Center Hotel.

Col. Bryan K. Sizemore succeeded Col. Anthony P. Mitchell as District Engineer in the Change of Command ceremony, Maj. Gen. Michael C. Wehr, commander of the Corps’ Mississippi Valley Division and President of the Mississippi River Commission, presided over the event.

“Col. Anthony Mitchell has clearly left a positive and enduring legacy of contributions to the St. Louis District,” Wehr said in his remarks. “During his tenure, he excelled at leading the District to execute the full spectrum of its missions.”

The St. Louis District is strategically located at the crossroads of three major river systems: the Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri.

The mission of the District is to manage the 300 mile Mississippi River watershed above the Ohio River by applying engineering, scientific, and other resources while preserving, restoring and enhancing the environment; and maintaining core competencies needed to respond to local and national emergencies and technical requirements.