Official Opening of Two FASs in Louth and Horncastle

Two Flood Alleviation Schemes (FASs) in Louth and Horncastle have been formally opened on 28 July, following successful completion of the projects.

Construction on the £6.5 million Louth scheme and the £8.1 million Horncastle scheme started in summer 2015, and were finalized this month.

The two projects were delivered in a partnership of the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council, East Lindsey District Council, Anglian Water and the Lindsey Marsh and Witham Third Internal Drainage Boards.

Communities in Louth and Horncastle were significantly affected by the floods of summer 2007, when over 200 properties in the area were flooded.

The Horncastle Flood Alleviation Scheme consists of a single flood storage reservoir on the River Bain, upstream of the town of Horncastle. The Louth Flood Alleviation Scheme consists of a flood storage reservoir on the Northern branch of the River Lud, and one on the Southern branch of the river.