Automated Robotic System for Dredging Hoses from Taniq

Image source: Taniq

Taniq, the Rotterdam based specialist that develops solutions for manufacturers of reinforced rubber products, has developed a large industrial robot to manufacture 12m long dredging hoses.

“Using robotics in combination with lightweight engineering principles, the Delft University spin-off (2006) optimizes the hose construction and introduces unique product consistency through automation,” said Taniq in its release.

Significantly reducing the production time, enables to save costs and reduce lead times, which opens new business opportunities. The automated robotic system applies all material layer fast and efficiently, decreasing the production time with 75%, said the company.

The robot is coupled to smart design software, which enables to make new hose designs and simulate the hose performance at different load cases using FEA software.

According to the Dutch company, applying Aerospace composite technology on the hose reinforcement construction has resulted in maximization of the material efficiency and integrally wound metal couplings, improving the hose performance while using less materials.