JDN Transport of Pipelines Among Nominees

IADC – International Association of Dredging – has just released the 8th Safety Award 2017 nominee: Jan De Nul Group’s Transport of Pipelines Optimization.

A common activity on reclamation sites and logistics yards is the transport of landlines with trucks.

JDN optimized and enhanced the handling and transport of dredge pipes by means of three techniques: the use of DHATEC cradles, modular spreaders and C-pipe hooks in combination with soft slings.

The combination of all three changes improves efficiency of the job, safety during the handling and transport, and both the safety and ergonomics for riggers. The DHAHTEC cradles are mounted on the truck platform – adjustable to the pipeline diameter – and with lashing straps the load is secured on the truck. The C-pipe hooks are attached to a soft sling which makes it safer and ergonomically easier for the rigger to handle.

And thanks to the use of the spreader beam, the soft slings with attached C-pipe hooks are positioned optimally by using taglines so that the riggers can easily attach the load from the ground. The revised method is being implemented across Jan De Nul’s global activities as it has proven to be beneficial to all parties associated with pipeline transport.

The winner of the Safety Award 2017 will be presented this September at the IADC Annual General Meeting in Marseille, France.