Louisiana: 2017 Coastal Master Plan Data Available Online

Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority announced recently that the 2017 Coastal Master Plan Data is available for download at the Master Plan Data Viewer.

According to the release, the data comes from a suite of predictive models that were used in the 2017 master plan process to determine projects’ effects on coastal Louisiana.

The Master Plan Data Viewer is a web-based, geospatial visualization tool that integrates and displays results from CPRA’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan effort.

The viewer was developed to help coastal Louisiana communities better understand their flood risk and how this risk may change in the future. The viewer also provides information about the state’s holistic restoration and risk reduction strategy for the Louisiana coast.

Broadly speaking, the planning effort made assumptions about how the coastal landscape may change due to factors like sea level rise and subsidence and how future population change and development may occur,” said Bren Haase, CPRA Chief of Research and Planning. “While this viewer provides residents with detailed information about what could happen over the next 50 years, there is always uncertainty in projecting the future”.

Detailed explanations of the environmental scenarios, predictive models, and other elements of the planning process are available through the 2017 Coastal Master Plan Appendices.

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