Spotlight on Jan De Nul’s Manholes Ventilation and Cover

IADC, the International Association of Dredging, has just released the 9th Safety Award 2017 nominee: Jan De Nul Group’s Manholes Ventilation and Cover.

A deck’s manholes which have been left open to ventilate tanks presents a safety hazard to crew. Not to mention the tank becomes a receptacle for dropped objects and the loose cover lies around, taking up valuable deck space, said IADC in its release.

The crew of Jan De Nul Group’s TSHD Capitan Nuñez optimized the pervasive situation with a covering which allows ventilation without wasting additional space. Stanchions are mounted over the manhole to hold the cover in place in the opened position.

When the cover needs to be removed, an extension ladder with railings fits onto the bolts of the removed cover. Employees can then enter the enclosed space without hindering the use of a rescue tripod. When not in use, confined space equipment is conveniently stored in a box on deck.

The recurring hazard of unsealed manholes on the decks of many vessels can be resolved with this single solution.


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