Dublin Port Maintenance Dredging About to Begin

The Dublin Port Company (DPC) is about to begin the 2017 Maintenance Dredging of the port’s navigation channel and berthing pockets.

According to the port, the dredging is expected to begin tomorrow, 14th September 2017, in order to re-establish the ruling depth of -7.8m Chart Datum.

The maintenance dredging campaign will be undertaken in accordance with the conditions as set out in the Foreshore License is AKC/2016/00262 granted by the Department of Environment, Communications & Local Government (DECLG ) and the Dumping at Sea Permit is S0004-01 granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),” reported the port.

DPC added that the international dredging company Boskalis has been appointed to undertake this maintenance dredging campaign. For the project, Boskalis will use its trailer suction hopper dredger SHOALWAY, similar to the one used in previous dredging projects.

The maintenance dredging campaign is expected to last for 2-4 weeks, during which approximately 1,000,000 tons of dredged sediment will be removed from the area.

The last dredging campaign was undertaken in 2016 but since then sediment has built up over time causing a reduction in the ruling depth in parts of the navigation channel and berthing pockets, thereby hampering day-to-day port operations, the port said.