PHOTO: Dredge Essex Working on the Delaware River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District, has just released a beautiful photo of the 22″ cutterhead dredge Essex working on the Delaware River.

The dredge, owned and operated by Norfolk Dredging Company, is busy working on the main navigational channel of the Delaware River under the 45-foot deepening project.

The Corps awarded this $50.2 million contract for the Delaware River deepening – Upper Reach B – back in July 2017.

This represents the 10th and final dredging contract for the Delaware River Main Channel Deepening Project, deepening the Delaware River federal navigation channel from 40 to 45 feet between Philadelphia and the sea.

During the works, the contractor will remove around 4 million cubic yards of material from portions of the Tinicum, Eddystone, Chester, Marcus Hook, and Bellevue Ranges of the Delaware River main channel.

Work on the project began in August of 2017, with the completion set for 2018.