VIDEO: Xblocs, Key to Success in Calais

Bouygues recently released a video about the Calais Port 2015, one of the decades most important French infrastructure project.

One of the main features of this capital development project is creation of a new 3 kilometer seawall.

In the video, Bouygues, the main contractor for this project, identified the Xblocs as the key to the success of the scheme.

The Calais breakwater will be protected by Xbloc concrete armor units with a weight between 10 and 33 tons. The scheme is the third Xbloc project which will be carried out together with Bouygues, after successful projects in Reunion Island and in Dunkerque.

The Xblocs are applied under a license from DMC and are produced in an automated factory. This factory, which is developed by CBE from France, results in continuous quality of the produced blocks and in improved HSE conditions during production.