Dredging Operations on Tangipahoa River Kick Off

Tangipahoa Parish President, Robby Miller, has announced that the dredging project on the Tangipahoa River is set to begin today, Tangipahoa Parish Government said in its latest release. 

Miller said that dredging operations on the Tangipahoa Bar Channel will start Tuesday, October 31, and is expected to continue through Thursday, November 2, at the mouth of the river.

The project, to be conducted by Quality First Construction LLC, was designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who will supervise the construction.

Miller said that the only time the project may interfere with boating is in the event of bad weather. In that case, the dredger would have to enter the river for safe harbor during storm conditions.

The plan is for the contractor to discharge the dredging material on the shoreline where it will be flattened on the beach using two marsh buggies. The area behind the breakwater will be off limits for a period of 30-50 days.

Signs will be posted during the construction period, the Tangipahoa Parish President said.

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