IADC Young Authors Award for Jordy Boone

The International Association of Dredging Companies has presented the Young Authors Award to Jordy Boone, author of the winning paper “1DH Modeling of Transport and Sedimentation Inside a Hopper of a Trailing Suction Dredger”.

Delivering a clear and succinct presentation, author Jordy Boone offered an explanation of the paper’s innovative methodology which models the estimated amount of material in a TSHD’s hopper, IADC said.

On behalf of the committees, IADC Secretary General René Kolman remarked the winning paper addresses: “a common but important problem of estimating the loading of a hopper. Mr Boone has made a fast and reliable practical model validated against laboratory prototype measurements”.

In addition, the paper “excels in academic, diligence and accessible writing, and presents a practical simulation tool and model based on in-depth studies. It is a good example of linking
theory and practice, and the reviewers see possibilities to further improve hopper loading”.

Jordy Boone shared the honor with his co-author and colleague Michel de Nijs.

The purpose of the IADC’s Young Author Award is “to stimulate the promotion of new ideas and encourage younger men and women in the dredging industry”.

Every year at selected conferences, the IADC recognizes the best paper written by authors younger than 35 years of age. The Conference Paper Committee recommends papers that make a significant contribution to the literature on dredging and related fields.