Calstock Flood Plan Presented to the Community

The Environment Agency held a public drop-in session on November 8th to explain to the community of Calstock how potential works could reduce flood risk to local homes and businesses, and benefit the environment.

The EA is proposing to move the current embankment, which is in poor condition and needs replacing, back from the river, allowing fields close to the river to flood naturally.

Dan Boswell of the Environment Agency said: “We are looking at ways to improve the existing flood defense embankment in Calstock. By moving it inland it can be maintained to a better standard to increase its effectiveness at reducing flood risk and allow the creation of inter-tidal habitat to help offset the impacts of rising sea levels on wildlife.

According to Calstock ward parish councilor, Alastair Tinto, the meeting was packed full of concerned residents. “The Environment Agency proposal is that they buy the fields and they create a new flood defense which will protect the houses that are at risk of flooding. The main message is that there are mixed views in the community — some people say it will destroy key land, while others say it is a great idea.

The Environment Agency will continue to work with local partners to ensure recreational needs are met and the environment and visual landscape of Calstock and the Tamar Valley is protected,” the agency said.

So far, the EA has carried out ground investigation and topographic surveys as well as heritage and ecological walkover surveys, using the data to develop a hydraulic model and build an understanding of flood risk and the environment in Calstock.


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