SPS Withdraws Its Appeal on Lyttelton Dredging

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) was recently granted resource consent by Environment Canterbury to dredge the existing shipping channel in Lyttelton Harbor/Whakaraupō.

The Surfbreak Protection Society (SPS) subsequently appealed the consent, primarily over concerns about effects on local surf breaks.

Peter Davie, LPC Chief Executive and Michael Gunson, SPS Research and Communications announced today that SPS has withdrawn its appeal.

SPS and LPC have worked together to resolve SPS’s concerns with the consent and the potential for effects on local surf breaks. SPS and LPC’s discussions have confirmed both the validity of LPC’s wave modelling and the value of additional protection measures for the local surf breaks,” the statement said.

SPS was heartened by the proactive approach taken by LPC in seeking an early resolution to our concerns.” said Michael Gunson. “Taylors Mistake is the premiere surf break in Christchurch City with a high amenity value to residents and visitors.”

The additional protection will include establishment of a Surfing Liaison Group, five yearly reviews of the surf effects and a dedicated web-based camera system to continuously monitor the character of the Taylors Mistake surf break,” said Peter Davie.

The agreed monitoring is based on a successful system implemented by Port of Otago which utilizes hydrodynamic modelling, bathymetric surveys and a remote camera at Taylors Mistake to manage potential effects on surf wave quality.