IADC: Transport of Pipeline Optimization

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has released in its latest Terra et Aqua an article named ‘Transport of Pipeline Optimization‘.

Formulated and submitted by Maarten Tronckoe, Simon Van den Berghe and Pieter Verpoest of Jan De Nul Group, the solution improves each facet of the process involved in the transportation and handling of pipelines.

On both reclamation sites and logistics yards, dredge pipes with and without flanges are being lifted by crane and transported with trucks.

In regards to securing these heavy loads to flatbeds, the conventional method does not explicitly address the task which involves workers hand-placing wooden beams beneath pipes. The award-winning safety solution begins with the use of specially designed cradles (Dhatec) which are secured to a trailer’s flatbed to facilitate stacking.

Manual adjustment to the wooden beams is no longer required, keeping workers away from heavy loads during their placement. As for the pipe-lifting process, the precursory pipe hook has been replaced with a C-shaped alternative.

Conventional metal lifting chains were subsequently exchanged for lightweight soft slings. A spreader beam is placed between the soft slings to further minimize the overall weight handled by riggers.

Attached to the hooks, guidelines are then held by riggers on the ground, letting them easily manoeuvre the pipes while loading and unloading the trucks from a safe distance. The optimized process presents an ergonomic benefit for workers.