Construction Works at Nibulon Yard in Full Swing

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Ongoing reconstruction of Nibulon Shipbuilding and Repair Yard will bring it to a new level, reported the company officials.

To date, the specialists have mounted reinforced concrete rails. They continue covering the beams and making a crush-rock pad under slabs for their installation, the company said.

We would remind you that we used 17 thousand tons of stone and gravel to perform this work. They are put into a pit which was formed by Mykolaivets dredger. At the same time, diving operations were performed to tamp the stone foundation. The unique St. Mykolai floating crane carries out the installation of plates for rails of the slipway,” officials said.

The company also added that the general construction works to construct a building to control the rails of the slipway have been performed. The cables inside the building have been connected. At the final stage, the builders need to perform plating. As it has been already mentioned earlier, it will look like a real tug.

The works on improvement (laying of road plates) at the foundations No. 8, 9 of the launching ways are also being completed.

The works, namely the construction of the ninth and tenth rails of the slipway, will enable the yard to launch and serve 100-meter vessels.


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