Ellicott Equipment for Malawi

The U.S. Embassy in Malawi said in its latest announcement that Ellicott Dredges LLC, of Baltimore, MD, recently won a $7 million contract to supply dredging equipment to the Kapichira Hydropower Plant.

The main goal of this project, conducted by the Millennium Challenge Account of Malawi (MCA-M), is to improve its power generation by reducing the sediment in the reservoir and therefore, increasing the amount of reservoir water volume and hydropower efficiencies.

MCC is working with the Government of Malawi to strengthen a foundation on which the nation’s power system can grow, including infrastructure and enabling policies that encourage accountability and private sector involvement, the U.S. Embassy in Malawi said in its release.

The five-year compact, which will conclude in September, consists of three projects designed to take a complementary approach to improving the sector.

Infrastructure investments and energy sector reform are complemented by a $31.5 million effort to support hydro-power generation through improved environmental practices in the Shire River watershed.

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