Thailand Deal for BASF and Partners

Image source: BASF

BASF, together with KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), TGWA (Thailand Global Warming Academy) and SBB (SBB Co., Ltd), yesterday entered a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement to undertake river restoration and environmental improvement projects in Thailand.

Under the agreement, KICT and TGWA will provide oversight and organize the projects, while KICT will also provide technical and operational knowledge arising from its successful projects under the Green River concept, as well as successful projects with its Thai partners.

BASF and SBB will supply technologies and materials to support the projects. As a manufacturer of concrete blocks for river and coast protection, SBB has been working with BASF since 2010 to safeguard shores from strong winds and erosion.

The partners aim to use technologies that provide an adequate habitat for vegetation and help cities to overcome flooding and erosion challenges, which in turn will help connect people and rivers.

Apart from rivers, BASF’s porous and water-permeable restoration solutions are also widely used in coastal areas to better protect the coastline from erosion and landslides.

In Thailand, various coastal projects have been installed with BASF’s solutions, including beaches in Pattaya, which are frequently destroyed by high tides.