Redcliffe Banks Resilience Project

The Environment Agency announced today that it is working on a project aimed to restore the Redcliffe Bank to its original design level and cross section.

The EA proposed to carry out work to 2 sections of Redcliffe Bank on the right bank of the River Frome downstream from Wareham, Dorset: approximately 77m of bank near Redcliffe Yacht Club and 110m of bank near Redcliffe boat yard.

The Agency in discussion with Natural England considers that the improvement works are not likely to have significant effects on the environment and does not intend to prepare an environmental statement in respect of them,” said the Environment Agency.

The proposed works will involve:

  • mobilization of a site compound;
  • removing vegetation from the crest and landward face of the embankment;
  • using soil fill from landward side of the embankment to raise the bank to the required level;
  • desilting the parallel Delph ditch which has become blocked and overgrown;
  • placing material from desilting to bring the embankment to its final level;
  • demobilizing the site compound.

According to the officials, the proposed improvement works will help to maintain navigational assets on the River Frome and will provide an improved standard of flood protection, thereby reducing the risk of flooding to farm land and the internationally and nationally designated freshwater habitat situated behind Redcliff Bank.


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