Phase 2 of the Perry Barr Scheme Underway

The Environment Agency has begun works on the on phase 2 of the Perry Barr and Witton flood risk management scheme.

According to the EA, the scheme will provide additional flood storage at Forge Mill in Sandwell Valley which lies upstream of Perry Barr and Witton and will control the passage of flood water downstream.

Until May 2018, work will continue on preparing for the main scheme construction to start. The main aspects of this phase include the building of the new embankment, installation of the river outlet and temporary re-diverting the river.

To increase the amount of flood water we can store in the Sandwell Valley, we will build a new embankment to the east of the existing lake. The embankment will run from north to south and cross the river channel,” said the Environment Agency.

Where it crosses the river an outlet structure will be installed, along with a spillway, allowing us to manage the flow of water when necessary. When river levels rise, the gates of the outlet structure will be closed, stopping water from flowing downstream and storing it behind the new embankment,” added the EA.

Phase 1 of the scheme was completed in spring 2017, bringing a new flood wall and flow conveyance improvements through Witton and down to Witton Gravelly Industrial Estate.