Next Stage of Walnut Creek Marina Dredging Works

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is warning boaters that excessive sediment buildup at the entrance to Walnut Creek Marina in Fairview, Erie County, may make it difficult to enter and leave the channel until it can be fully dredged.

The PFBC started dredging the marina channel earlier in May but found that excessive sediment had built up at the entrance and into Lake Erie.

To clear the area, a temporary road will be constructed off the jetty on the west side of the channel and will extend approximately 100 feet into the lake. This will enable workers to reach and remove more of the sediment buildup.

We expect to build the road this week and to dredge the channel during the week of June 11,” said John Sinclair, Chief of the PFBC Division of Construction and Maintenance. “Boaters who use the marina now are advised to enter and leave along the east wall where the water depth is greater and there is less sediment buildup.”

John Sinclair also added that once dredging begins, boating will be restricted to one lane along the east wall.

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