DSC Dredge and Stichweh Join Forces

DSC Dredge LLC and Stichweh LLC have entered into a manufacturer’s cooperation agreement to promote each other’s products.

Image source: DSC Dredge

Stichweh, LLC is a joint venture company formed with Andrew Snoby and Richard Snoby and SMT-Stichweh Maschinen & Service GmbH (Germany). The main product of SMT-Stichweh, which is approaching its 100 year anniversary, is their washing and dewatering bucket wheels.

Bob Wetta, DSC Dredge President and CEO: “DSC Dredge and Stichweh are a natural fit, allowing us to better serve our aggregate customers. Several key reasons our companies align include: (1) Stichweh offers the largest bucket wheel program for the national and international market in the world; (2) The bucket wheel series can be perfectly tailored to the material conditions, furthering DSCs commitment to optimize dredge production; (3) Solutions are individually configured to customer needs and demands; and (4) Stichweh dewatering wheels are highly safe and functional, offering extremely long production life and safe operation with low specific energy requirements and truly low maintenance.

DSCs salesmen Charlie Johnson, Charlie Sinunu and Lyn Condict also agree that the dewatering bucket wheels offer enhanced production capabilities. The dewatering wheel allows for development of different grades of sand, depending on customer preferences, simply by adjusting a single setting on the bucket wheel controller.

Andrew Snoby, Vice President of Stichweh, described the dewatering bucket wheel design saying, “In aggregate processing, washing, dewatering and classifying are among the most important stages. For fine-grained material like sand or grain mixtures special washing, dewatering and recovery systems are necessary. Stichweh has washing and dewatering bucket wheels designed for these fine-grained materials applications.

Depending on the performance the bucket wheel rotates only with 0.5 – 2 rpm. Therefore the power consumption and the wear are extremely low, allowing the dewatering bucket wheels to work economically even under most difficult operating conditions.

Five production series are available for the different material conditions and requirements from the simple gravel dewatering to the finest sand washing, finest sand classification, multiple wheel product classification and finest sand recovery.