Damen Opts for Alewijnse Marine

Damen Shipyards Group has awarded Alewijnse Marine a contract for the complete electrical outfitting of the group’s first Marine Aggregate Dredger (MAD) 3500.

The highly advanced and efficient dredger – ordered by CEMEX UK Marine Limited – is designed to extract sand and gravel from the sea bed at depths of up to 55 meters, in challenging locations including the North Sea.

The construction will take place at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania.

Alewijnse scope of works

The Alewijnse scope of the project comprises the engineering and delivery of the e-package, including electrical panels and switchboards, cables, installing materials, an important part of electrical outfitting parts and systems.

Additional activities to be undertaken by Alewijnse include steelwork, general installation works including installing the electrical systems driving the dredging equipment as well as those managing the general vessel operations and also commissioning.

Involved in the first design

The decision by Damen to choose Alewijnse Marine for the electrical works on MAD3500 was based on the presence of the Alewijnse facility in Galati, Romania and the strong track-record of Alewijnse in supporting the Damen Shipyards Group.

Alewijnse Project Manager Valentin Petrea commented: “Being a new concept design, I am very glad that we can be involved right from the beginning in what is likely to be a challenging project as we work together to make it a success.

Damen Marine Aggregate Dredger (MAD) 3500

The MAD 3500 is a 103.5-meter dredger with a deadweight of just under 7,000 tonnes and a loaded operating speed of approximately 12 knots. When delivered she will be the most efficient dredging vessel in the CEMEX fleet.

In comparison to CEMEX’s 99-meter, 6,000 tonne, Sand Heron, which the new ship will replace, this translates into an additional 20% of aggregates that can be delivered per trip. The vessel will receive Lloyd’s Register’s ECO-notation, due to its green credentials, as well as a CAC-3 notation recognizing its high standard of crew comfort.

Experienced in electrical systems for dredgers

Alewijnse has extensive experience in the electrical newbuild and refit of all kinds of dredgers. Currently in Dunkerque, France, the company is working on the electrical refit of the Samuel de Champlain, a 117-meter, 8500m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (THSD), which is being converted to dual-fuel capability combining LNG and MGO.

Meanwhile, Alewijnse is also working at the design, delivery and commissioning of the complete electrical and automation installations on board two new TSHDs designed to extract sand and gravel aggregates from the seabed, in partnership with Barkmeijer Shipyards in the Netherlands.

In 2017, the company completed the electrical outfitting and automation of a new, complex 142-meter TSHD, the Spauwer, designed for deep-water mineral mining in concession areas beyond the continental shelf.


Photo: Image source: Alewijnse Marine