Preparations Underway for Hueneme Dredging Project

Earlier this week, new eco-friendly pilings for the Port of Hueneme harbor deepening project arrived at the port. 

Detail of pilings manufactured by Bedford Technology, located in Worthington, MN, Image source:

The new pilings come to the port onboard its own rail, and entered on the South Spur at the Sunkist Lot.

“These new eco-friendly pilings will help support and reinforce the port’s South Terminal as the harbor is dredged from 35 feet to 40 feet deep over the next several months,” said Oxnard Harbor District President, Mary Anne Rooney.

“The deepening project will allow our existing customers to load their ships with more cargo, thus increasing efficiency and reducing air emissions all while creating more family sustaining jobs for our local community; 563 jobs to be specific.”

The port’s deepening project, set to begin late this summer, will also allow for larger ships to enter the harbor which need the extra five feet of depth.

According to their latest announcement, the port is expecting another shipment of pilings on the rail’s South Spur within the next 4-5 weeks.

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