Bulgaria Wraps Up Danube River Dredging

Image source: The Transport Ministry

Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Republic of Bulgaria said in their latest release that a program to deepen a stretch of the Danube River to ease the passage of shipping in the most critical areas of the Bulgarian part of the river has been wrapped up. 

As a result of the 42 day dredging project, the depth of the waterway has been increased by more than one meter, said the Ministry.

Upon the project’s completion, the measurements showed that the fairway now has a depth of more than three meters and a width of 150 meters, allowing normal passage of vessels.

This EUR 3.42 million Danube River dredging contract, conducted by Bulgarian company Cosmos Shipping, also includes a guarantee of the maintenance of the river level for a period of three years.

Image source: The Transport Ministry

Photo: Image source: The Transport Ministry

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