USACE PHOTO: Portage Lake Revetment Repairs Underway

Image source: USACE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District’s Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Gregory E. Turner, recently visited the Portage Lake Revetment repairs on the east shore of Lake Michigan.

According to USACE’s latest project update, their team is hard at work installing new steel sheet piling walls with a concrete cap and splash stone the entire length of the north and south revetments.

The work consists of removal of the existing concrete cap block and a portion of the timber revetment and timber piles; placement of new cantilever steel sheet pile wall, fill, toe, and splash stone and a new 5 feet wide reinforced concrete cap.

A rubble mound wave attenuator will also be constructed on the west end of the south revetment, said USACE.

Image source: USACE


Photo: Image source: USACE