West Haven Harbor Management Plan Adopted

The West Haven City Council enacted an ordinance on Monday, September 10, adopting the city’s first Harbor Management Plan.

The new ordinance made West Haven the 24th municipality in Connecticut to have an adopted plan for harbor management, according to David W. Killeen, assistant city planner.

The plan will guide the most appropriate uses of the city’s navigable waters and intertidal areas for recreational, commercial and conservation purposes, Killeen said.

“The city is pleased to join other Connecticut coastal communities that have taken steps to actively manage their harbor areas and shoreline,” Mayor Nancy R. Rossi said.

Killeen also added that the plan outlines goals, strategies, policies and recommendations for the beneficial use and conservation of the West Haven Harbor Management Area.

As required by state law, the plan was reviewed by state and federal agencies with jurisdiction over the harbor area, including the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The plan was modified during the process to reflect the agencies’ input.