USACE’s Los Angeles District Celebrates End of Fiscal Year

Photo by Richard Rivera, USACE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Los Angeles District awarded about 750 contracts worth more than $556 million in fiscal year 2018.

Employees were honored for those achievements during an End-of-the-Year celebration on October 3 at the District’s headquarters office in downtown Los Angeles, USACE said in its latest release.

“The harbors, the dredging, the beach studies – all of those things that help us, as a nation, run and maintain itself,” said Col. Aaron Barta, commander of the Los Angeles District.

“When you see the ships coming in and out (of the ports and harbors), when you see the (people recreating on the) beaches on the weekends, know the Corps of Engineers helped make that happen. The things that people take for granted that you guys look at, study, follow the laws, show the science – it’s all because of the great accomplishments that you guys have done.”

As the District turns the page to fiscal year 2019, Barta told employees not to get wrapped up in the statistics, but to focus on delivering for the people.

In addition to celebrating numerous project completions throughout the District, more than 35 employees were recognized as Year-End Heroes for their contributions to the organization and about a dozen employees were presented with Third Quarter awards during the ceremony.


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