Damietta Dredging Project Underway

Within the framework of ongoing coordination between Damietta Port Authority (DPA) and Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company, DCHC is currently undertaking an ambitious project to reinforce and deepen its berths to the depth of 17m.

The company reported that the project, which is scheduled to last approximately 22 months, will be implemented in three stages with the first one already underway since October 10th 2018.

DPA confirms full support to the container company during this project, which initially starts with deepening and reinforcing of berths (3-4) totaling about 378m in length, while container handling is proceeding steadily on the 700m long berths 1-2,” the company said.

The Port Authority also added that it has allowed access to berths 6-5 as an alternative solution to ensure container handling operations are not affected by the dredging process. From the date of project start and till now container handling is functioning at normal rates.

DCHC’s work coincides with DPA’s plan to dredge the Access Channel and Turning Basin to reach a draft compatible with DCHC’s targeted figure of 17m.

The company concluded that by this DPA seeks to buttress future projects in the port through enhancing terminal competitive edge to receive giant containerships; a strategic step to keep the contracts with the shipping lines already working with the terminal and to attract further shipping lines.