Dredge Murden Returns to Virginia Beach

The US Army Corps of Engineers dredge, the Murden, returned to Virginia Beach on Monday evening and began dredging Rudee Inlet, reports the City of VB.

According to the City, the Murden will conduct maintenance dredging of shoaled areas starting October 30, 2018 through November 6, 2018.

On October 16, 2018, US Coast Guard issued a notice to mariners warning of serious shoaling conditions. The survey indicated shoaling across the channel from the approximate east ends of the jetties extending out eastward approximately 195 feet.

The shoaling was also reported in the inner channel, on the north side of the channel, with least depth reported at 9.2 feet MLLW.

USACE sent the dredge Currituck to Rudee Inlet in August to address the shoaling problem that was creating problems for mariners. During that visit, they removed 11,835 cubic yards of material.

Once again, realizing the seriousness of the current shoaling problem, the USACE stepped up to help the City alleviate another serious problem for mariners in the inlet. They have committed the Murden to six days of dredging to help alleviate with the current shoaling situation.