Autumn Dredging Campaign Begins at Port of Blyth

A Port of Blyth maintenance dredging scheme is set to kick off today, the port said in their latest release. 

UKD Orca, Image source: UK Dredging

According to the official announcement, this dredging campaign, scheduled to last for a period of approximately 7 days, will be undertaken at the port approaches, main navigational channel and operational commercial berths.

The Port of Blyth dredging program will include frequent trips to and from the spoil deposit ground approximately 3 miles ENE of the harbor East Pier and south bound past the wind turbine array.

Under this maintenance dredging work, the operations are going to be conducted over a 24 hour period by the trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) UKD Orca and the tug/plough dredging vessel Blyth Endeavour.

According to UK Dredging (UKD), the vessel’s owner, the TSHD UKD Orca is equipped with twin suction pipes fitted well aft and is capable of dredging in confined spaces making her ideal for maintenance dredging work.

The dredger is equipped with a de-gassing installation, drag head jets and underwater overflow via an adjustable weir.