Storm Frank Remedial Work Complete

Aberdeen Harbor recently completed remedial work to damage caused by Storm Frank, which battered Aberdeen at the end of 2015.

During the 48 hours of 29th and 30th December 2015, when the storm impacted the UK,  thousands of tonnes of sand, shingle and debris were deposited into Aberdeen Harbor from the River Dee, and scouring from the flood currents created a deep hole in the harbor bed.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, emergency dredging work was carried out to remove the deposited material. The scour hole was then refilled with c.14,000 tonnes of suitable material to maintain its depth and overall integrity. An important debris screen was also replaced.

Parts of the riverbank which sustained damage during the storm have since been rebuilt. Remedial works have taken place between North Esplanade East and the Queen Elizabeth Bridge, where, in the aftermath of the storm, the tidal pressures compounded storm damage by further wearing down areas of the riverbank which had been washed away.

These repair works have been essential to maintain the integrity of the Harbor for all of our port users,” explained Aberdeen Harbor Board Engineering Director, Keith Young. “Overall, however, we were very pleased with the way in which the harbor infrastructure withstood the impact of what was a significant weather event for us, and for the region.