Jan De Nul Pockets Award for Innovation and Sustainability

Jan De Nul Group has received another award for its sustainable and innovative approach.

Image source: Jan De Nul

Today in Dubai, Lloyd’s List presented their South Asia, Middle East and Africa Environment Award to Jan De Nul Group for its innovative and green design of Ultra-Low Emission Vessels.

Our starting point is different than others who have chosen clean burning fuel vessels. With our ULEVs, we focus on minimalizing the impact of maritime transport and port development on public health and ambient air quality,” said Mieke Fordeyn, Director International Division at Jan De Nul Group.

“We are therefore very proud to be recognized for our in-house developed innovative solution, which is pioneering and new to the maritime industry.”

In a world of climate change, and overall environmental consciousness, Jan De Nul Group has chosen to equip its latest generation of dredging vessels with an ingenious system of filtering to actually remove or eliminate toxic substance from exhaust gases.

Jan De Nul developed this technology based on the Swiss example of filtering exhaust gases in the tunneling industry. Since the 1990s, the tunneling industry has used exhaust gas filtration on vehicle and heavy duty machinery emissions to provide clean, breathable air for tunneling activities under the Alps.

The Group designed in-house and ordered five ultra-low emission hopper dredgers, called Ultra-Low Emission Vessels: three small 3,500 m³ and two medium-sized 6,000m³. The three smallest have already been launched and will enter into service very soon.