New Sand for Pickering, Kitts Hummock and Bowers Beach

DNREC’s Shoreline and Waterway Management Section within the Division of Watershed Stewardship will begin beach replenishment work in early February, pending permit approvals, for the Delaware Bay communities of Pickering Beach, Kitts Hummock and Bowers Beach.

Bayshore beaches in the three communities were chosen for winter replenishment after experiencing significant loss of sand this year due to erosion from Delaware Bay tides and waves.

The replenishment projects will funded in part by $300,000 in Community Transportation Funding (CTF) provided by Delaware legislators Senator Colin Bonini and Representatives Andria Bennett and Charles Postles, each of whom directed $100,000 in CTF money for the replenishment projects.

“This is a timely bipartisan response by the legislators and a state agency to address the environmental and economic concerns of Delawareans and Delaware communities, who are experiencing beach erosion impacts related in part to sea level rise,” Governor John Carney said.

“DNREC’s replenishment work will ensure that their concerns are eased, and that our environment and coastal economy are made more resilient.”

Beaches and dunes in Pickering Beach, Kitts Hummock, and Bowers Beach were given priority for replenishment based upon ongoing monitoring by the Shoreline & Waterway Management Section.