Importance of Gulhi Island Land Reclamation Projects Highlighted

At a meeting held with the council members of the Gulhi Island Council, President of the Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has reiterated his commitment to resolving issues faced by the populace.

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During the meeting, the council members highlighted the most pressing necessities of the island’s residents, especially noting the need for land reclamation and proper water and sanitation systems.

The reclamation works have proven to be very valuable to the government of the Maldives.

The government focuses on a policy of population consolidation to development urban regional centers. As such there is a requirement for additional land required for development activities and residential zones which would cater to existing island population as well as attract others from smaller populated islands with lack of access to adequate facilities.

At the meeting, the council members also further briefed the President on future development plans for the island.

The meeting was held yesterday at the President’s Office.