McAmis Makes Good Progress with the North Jetty

J.E. McAmis crews have been working hard over the last couple of months making the Columbia River North Jetty Rehabilitation Project a dream come through.

In an effort to rebuild the MCR North Jetty, the company is reshaping the existing jetty, extending it 250′ further into the Pacific.

During the length of the project, McAmis will place approx. 180,000 tons of stone ranging up to 40 tons each. The stones are being trucked in from domestic sources, as well as barged down 13,000 tons at a time, from a source in Canada.

According to the contractor, the stones in the stockpile range from around 10 tons up to 32 tons each. 130,000 tons of the 180,000 tons estimated to complete the North Jetty jetty is in staging or already placed.

The ongoing repairs are the second phase of the Army Corps’ plan to repair three jetties at the mouth of the Columbia River. USACE has already completed two years of work on the mile-long “A” Jetty at a cost of approx. $30 million.

Following the completion of the North Jetty scheme later this year, the Corps will begin stage three of the project, rehabilitating the six-mile-long South Jetty. The works will take place between 2019 and 2023.


Photo: Photo courtesy of McAmis