Yangtze River Dredging Project Complete

The Yangtze River maintenance dredging project has passed the acceptance inspection, according to the JXY company.

At the handover inspection meeting of the Yangtze River Waterway Maintenance Dredging commission, which was held in late December, the Yujiawan Shoal Dredging Project passed the acceptance check.

The officials indicated that the construction work of the 2018 Yangtze River upstream maintenance dredging project has been fully completed.

During the meeting, the inspection and acceptance teams fully affirmed the work done by all parties involved in the construction, saying that the project met the design requirements and relevant specifications.

Overall, the 2018 Yangtze River dredging project (the Hejiangmen to Fengdu section of the waterway) included dredging of the Maliuqi shoal, the Chayuqi shoal, the Diaoyuzui shoal and the dredging of the Yujiawan shoal.

Previously, dredging of the Maliuqi, Chayuqi and Diaoyuzui were also recognized by the acceptance inspection as fully completed.

JXY company concluded that at this point, the 2018 annual Yangtze River dredging season has fully met the criteria laid down by the government officials.