Ipswich Flood Defense Scheme Officially Opened

The Environment Agency’s new tidal flood defense barrier for Ipswich has been officially opened by Floods Minister, Dr Thérèse Coffey.

Photo courtesy of Defra UK

Costing almost £70 million, the new flood defenses centerpiece is a 200-tonne rotating barrier which can be raised in minutes, helping to keep the town safe from tidal surges during storms.

The defense scheme also includes 1,100 meters of new and refurbished flood walls and a series of flood gates on the banks of the River Orwell.

Floods Minister Thérèse Coffey said: “This important new flood scheme, which has received nearly £55 million of government funding, over 80% of the total cost, will better protect over 1,600 homes in Ipswich from tidal flooding over the next 100 years.”

The Environment Agency’s Chair, Emma Howard Boyd, commented: “The Environment Agency worked closely with the local community, the council and businesses to design and build a scheme that provides a greater level of protection for the town. It’s an important step forwards for our six year, £2.6 billion flood investment across the whole country.”

The flood defense scheme, which will reduce the risk of flooding to 1,608 homes and 422 businesses as well as key infrastructure, has been partnership funded by the Environment Agency (£54.6 million), Ipswich Borough Council through the Haven Gateway Partnership (£3.4 million) and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (£6.6 million), the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (£1.7 million) and UK Power Networks (£1.1 million).