GLDD Bags Charleston Lower Harbor Dredging Project

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC (GLDD) from Oak Brook, Illinois, has been awarded the FY2019 Charleston Lower Harbor Maintenance Dredging contract.

According to the FedBizOpps, the $4.6 million dredging project – located in Charleston and Berkeley Counties, South Carolina – was awarded to GLDD on February 20, 2019.

Overall, the work consists of maintenance dredging approximately 1,697,500 cubic yards of unclassified material from the Charleston Lower Harbor.

The dredged material will be deposited in the Charleston Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS).

The Charleston Lower Harbor, downstream of Shipyard River to the entrance channel, is usually dredged every 12 to 15 months.

The maintenance dredging of the lower harbor, which is typically performed by clamshell dredging, removes about 1 million cubic yards of material from the lower reaches of the harbor.