Beach Renourishment Project Underway on Hollywood Beach

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has engaged Eastman Aggregate Enterprises to renourish 7.2 miles of critically eroded shoreline along the City of Hollywood, Florida.

Under the plans, the contractor will place approximately 123,200 cubic yards of beach-quality sand on the dry beach, above the mean high water (MHW) level on beaches south of Port Everglades including Dania Beach, Hollywood North and South Beach and Hallandale Beach.

According to the city officials, sand has already been placed in the Dr. Von D. Mizell- Eula Johnson State Park and crews are now moving into Hollywood Beach.

The goal of the engineered shore project is to reduce risk and promote resilience in coastal communities. Thousands of residents and businesses in Broward County will benefit from this shore project because storm events erode the beach rather than damaging or destroying coastal infrastructure.

The construction is estimated to cost $7,864,770 and is fully funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers.