Royal IHC Signs Important Contract with Van Oord

Royal IHC has won a contract for the design and delivery of the complete dredge installations for two new LNG-powered trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD) from Van Oord.

The two dredge installations are going to be delivered for the two 10,500m³ TSHDs that Van Oord is currently building in Singapore.

Dave Vander Heyde, Chief Executive Officer, IHC: “We are delighted that Van Oord trusts IHC to deliver this crucial dredging equipment for its new vessels.

The order includes two suction pipe installations with integrated submerged dredge pump unit, four additional shore discharge dredge pumps and six jet pumps in total.

The installations are custom-built with state-of-the-art technology and are fully integrated into the design of the vessel. The pumps are equipped with the latest Curve® technology. The Curve® impeller, with its innovative shape and blade curvature, ensures that the pumps perform with excellent suction properties over the prolonged lifetime of the product.

This order is a result of intensive collaboration between the project teams of Van Oord and IHC as the design is tailored to the specific requirements of Van Oord.

The design team managed to find the optimum balance between weight, robustness and ease of maintenance. This was only possible by combining years of operational experience and engineering know-how from both IHC and Van Oord.