Union Dike Levee Contract Awarded

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, has awarded a contract for an emergency levee breach repair on the Union Dike.

The breach on the Platte River significantly impacts public safety in the local area, and repair work will begin Friday, March 22, reported the Corps.

On Saturday, Omaha District Commander Col. John Hudson and staff are scheduled to visit Pierre, South Dakota, to meet with state emergency management officials to discuss flood forecast and USACE’s ability to respond to state or tribal requests for assistance.

Yesterday, Omaha District hydrographic survey crews began surveying scour holes at the toes of compromised levees on the Missouri River.

According to the Corps, much of the levee system remains compromised due to the record inflows surpassing their designed protection levels.

As of noon yesterday, there were 43 confirmed breaches at L611-614 (South of Council Bluffs, Iowa), L-601 (South of Glenwood, Iowa), L-594 (near Fremont County, Iowa), L-575 (Fremont County, Iowa), L-550 (Atchison County, Missouri), L-536 (Atchinson County, Missouri), R-613 (Sarpy County, Nebraska), R-562 (Nemaha County, Nebraska), Western Sarpy (Ashland, Nebraska), Clear Creek (Ashland, Nebraska), Union Levee (Valley, Nebraska), and R-573 (Otoe County, Nebraska).

Omaha District continues to send out teams to monitor and assess the damage to the levee system and start planning for repairs, the Corps added.